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Paesaggio nordico

Paesaggio nordico

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<Anonimo>: on sab 18 feb 2012 16:04:43 CET

“Painting is my passion,
I love the gorgeous colours of Autumn and
I feel alive everytime I create …”
Maria Annunziata Orsini

<Anonimo>: on sab 18 feb 2012 16:09:15 CET

“I strive for luminosity in my paintings …
I paint, day after day, finding joy with paints and
brushes …”
Maria Annunziata Orsini

annunziataorsini: on lun 20 feb 2012 14:48:40 CET

I tuoi quadri rappresentano una sintesi ideale tra l' Umanità
e la Natura, al contrario dell'antitesi che in realtà
sembra prevalere.
Rosa Fortunato ( artista )

annunziataorsini: on lun 20 feb 2012 14:50:22 CET

“… I think your pamphlet looks amazing. I know how much work it takes to put
everything together. It was wonderful to be able to read your artist statement.
I could "hear" your voice in the sophisticated language that comes from
your heart and mind. I loved that your ideas were translated to English!
There were three paintings that especially caught my attention.
1. "The bay of Naples." What hit me were the bright pinks and subtle purples.
I enjoyed the red bush and green trees on the right, as well as the brick wall on
the left.
2. There was one titled "Landscape." Most of your paintings are built in a
panoramic horizontal view. I liked that this painting was composed on more of
a square background. I enjoyed the balance and relationship between the tree
on the left and the buildings on the right.
3. "Northern Landscape" This painting had a unique palette that conveyed a
particularly interesting mood. The greens and grays created a great contrast
to the reds and pinks. The boats and smoke crept curiously.”
Rachel Reynolds

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